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This website is dedicated to the BodyTalk System™

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The International BodyTalk Association

Your outside appearance is individual. Each scar, laugh line and mole has a story and a history. Your insides are equally individual. Your worries, headaches, sore knee and food intolerances also have a unique story as to how they manifested.

The symptoms you feel or see are merely your body trying to communicate with you the only way it can. By simply addressing just the symptoms, you are missing the opportunity to listen. If you do listen and have a BodyTalk Practitioner interpret this communication correctly, you will find the underlying causes that must be addressed for lasting changes... learn more

BodyTalk Access™

BodyTalk Access™ is a shortened, simplified version of the BodyTalk System™ containing five of its most fundamental balancing techniques addressing those energy circuits of the body that are most often and most easily compromised and needing to be re-established on a daily basis.

BodyTalk Access™ is for all who wish to actively participate in the maintenance of their own health, that of their loved ones, in the prevention of illnesses or in assisting the body's Innate healing processes.

The techniques of BodyTalk Access™ are simple and can be easily learned by anyone in a one-day course. More on BodyTalk Access™...

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