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I encourage everyone to ask questions about BodyTalk! Please submit them to the following email address:
Here are a few frequently asked questions and the answers:

What can be felt during a BodyTalk session?

The experience varies from person to person, but generally clients report a sense of peace, relaxation and lightness during and/or after sessions. More sensitive clients have reported a sensation of gentle energy flow or light tingling.

Can BodyTalk do harm?

No. No harm can be done with BodyTalk. Since the body's own innate intelligence governs the session, it can always be trusted to carry out what's appropriate for the person at the given time. The worst case scenario: no changes occur.

Does BodyTalk affect other therapies?

Yes, BodyTalk can help increase the effectiveness of any other therapy. For example, sessions may help the body utilize medications more effectively, decreasing side effects and possibly the number of medications (which will always be up to the medical doctor to decide!).

Sessions also help the body stay in balance during stress. Another example could be surgerical intervention, in which case, a balanced body may recover faster, experience less pain and complications, wounds may heal more quickly and perhaps the person will require less medications post-operatively.

I feel depressed; I'm looking for a holistic solution. How can BodyTalk help?

Depression too is a sign of loss of balance and harmony somewhere within the body-mind complex. The body's innate healing mechanism is continuously at work, and symptoms are signs that there are certain factors blocking it on one or more levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).

Depression, like any other symptom, can have a number of causes: there could be an imbalance in the way the cells are functioning, or how hormones and chemicals are produced and utilized; there could be blocks in family or work relationships or situations, repressed emotions, unprocessed memories, belief systems, childhood influences, etc.

I cannot determine where your body is experiencing disharmony, but your body sure can! What's so amazing about BodyTalk is that it can help your body bring itself back to balance.

Is BodyTalk recommended for children and/or expectant mothers?

Yes, of course. BodyTalk is a completely safe modality for anyone at any age, as it is the body's innate wisdom that guides the session, so it determies what needs to be addressed, how often and in what sequence.

Can BodyTalk help animals?

Yes. I was asked to use BodyTalk on pets in a number of cases. In my experience, animals may often respond more quickly to energy medicine than people, and depending on the energy supply and condition of their body, healing can be quite spectacular!

Does BodyTalk help only the physical body?

No! BodyTalk may help with any situation that may come about in a person's lifetime, whether it's physical, mental or emotional symptom or pain, mood swings, blocks experienced in the work environment, unbalanced relationships, disappointments, reoccurring situations, difficulties with learning, and the list goes on.

Does BodyTalk have contraindications?

The one instance, in which BodyTalk is not to be utilized first, is a life-threatening situation. For example, this could be serious injuries in an accident, major bleeding, stroke or heart attack (even if just suspecting either of these could be happening!), etc. BodyTalk is recommended even in these cases, but only after regular medical care has been initiated. Even in these cases, BodyTalk may help the bodymind regain balance; it may help regular medical interventions be more effective, and thus it may improve the healing process as well.

I live far away and cannot come in for a BodyTalk session in person. What options do I have to receive BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a 100% energy-based modality. So the good news is that it can be received even if you don't come in for a session in person, and it is just as effective! Think about it: when a person comes in for a session, and we're balancing his childhood memories stored in his liver and linking that to his adrenals, physically we are not "doing" something to his body. We don't touch his liver or his adrenals.

So even if someone comes for BodyTalk in person, he too receives energy-based work that stimulates the healing mechanism of his own bodymind. The tapping process, which generates the standing wave that stimulates the inner healing mechanism, is just as effective even if I tap above the person's head and chest. I have a number of clients living outside of Europe, who receive BodyTalk on a regular basis and are very satisfied :)

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