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BodyTalk: Language of Health


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During Sessions

What to expect?


On the first visit, clients fill out a short health questionnaire form, then read and sign the informed consent form for BodyTalk. There will be opportunity to ask any questions as well, and the practitioner gives a short review of the BodyTalk process. Sessions usually last between 30-60 minutes depending on the body's priorities at the given time. Plan to spend about one hour for each session, and try to wear loose, comfortable clothing avoiding synthetic materials.

How is BodyTalk performed?

The BodyTalk Practitioner uses muscle-checking (neuromuscular biofeedback) and a strict yes/no question protocol to navigate between the systems of the body in a specific manner locating its priorities. These make up the links that signify the blocked energy pathways between different systems and bodyparts. Using a light tapping procedure over the top of the head and heart, the Practitioner helps the energetic balancing take place, which in turn helps enable the body's own powerful self-healing mechanism.

Since muscle-checking represents communication with the Innate wisdom of the body, the entire session is guided by and tailored to the client's individual needs at the given time. This is one of the most significant characteristics of BodyTalk that distinguishes it from other modalities, as practitioners of other systems often only consider the symptoms and complaints as a guide to determine the type of therapy needed.

How soon to expect results?

During and after the sessions, clients tend to feel more relaxed and peaceful.
Some clients may notice immediate improvement, and in some cases, improvement may become evident in the days or weeks following sessions.

The speed of healing is highly individual, and many times a few sessions are required for noticeable improvement.

As BodyTalk works by shifting energies and re-establishing communications, the body may need some time to re-write its functioning completely. The more sessions one undergoes, the more sensitive one becomes to energy balancing, and the easier it will be to notice subtle shifts and changes. For those who would like to maintain their health, regular BodyTalk sessions every 4-6 weeks are recommended.

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